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Die Casting Shop

IM Casting melting center runs with 4 gas fired furnaces, ensuring the possibility to cast simultaneously different aluminium alloys; All castings parts can be traced and submitted to degassing process using new-generation equipment and an advanced alloy de-oxidation system; Our die casting department allows us to guarantee our customers a complete range of products. The die casting department is provided with a wide range of machines with a clamping force from 700 to 3300 tons, operated by robots. The XRP system allows each die casting cells to get data which, through a barcode identification system that allows real-time monitoring; Each die casting machine is provided with integrated SPC Software for process control management and die-casting process parameters monitoring.

Our die casting shop is provided with following injection-moulding machines:
  • 700 Ton
  • 750 Ton (2 die casting cells)
  • 900 Ton
  • 950 Ton
  • 1150 Ton (2 die casting cells)
  • 1200 Ton
  • 1350 Ton (2 die casting cells)
  • 1650 Ton (2 die casting cells)
  • 1850 Ton (2 die casting cells)
  • 2200 Ton
  • 3300 Ton

Equipment and facilities:
-4 gas fired furnaces
-Degassing station
-Vacuum systems
-Heat treatment process
-22 robots
-4 robotized deburring and trimming working stations